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Writing A Synthesis Paper

A synthesis paper, or annotated bibliography, can seem like an intimidating task. However, if you follow these steps and write your paper accordingly, you’ll be sure to impress your professor with your knowledge of the subject matter. Read on to learn how to write a synthesis paper in eight simple steps!

Writing A Synthesis Paper

Everything You Need To Know About Writing A Synthesis Paper

Writing a synthesis paper can be tricky if you’re not sure how to approach it. With so many different kinds of papers out there, you might be worried that you don’t know enough about the topic you’ve been assigned to write about and won’t be able to make sense of all the sources you need to use or cite in your paper. In this article, we’ll give you an introduction to the purpose of synthesis papers, when they are assigned, how they are formatted, and what makes them different from other types of academic writing assignments.

How To Write The Introduction Section

The introduction section of a synthesis paper needs to provide background information on the topic being discussed. It should also include a thesis statement that provides the reader with an overview of the main points that will be covered in the paper. The introduction should be concise and to the point, without any unnecessary fluff.

How To Write The Body Paragraphs

When writing the body paragraphs of your synthesis paper, there are a few things you should keep in mind. 

First, each paragraph should focus on one main idea. 

Second, each paragraph should be well-organized and include supporting evidence. 

Third, make sure to use transitional words and phrases to move smoothly from one idea to the next. 

Fourth, avoid summarizing or repeating information from your sources. 

Fifth, and most importantly, synthesize your sources—this means bringing together information from multiple sources to support your main idea.

Works Cited Page Example

The works cited page is where you’ll list all the sources you used in your paper. To create a works cited page, start by listing all the sources you used on a separate page at the end of your paper. Then, label the page Works Cited at the top center of the page. Finally, list each source in alphabetical order by the author’s last name.

Synthesis Essay Introduction

A synthesis essay is an advanced type of writing. Such an essay takes a position that is unique and uses sources to support that position. In order to write a synthesis essay, you must be able to integrate information from multiple sources into a coherent, insightful, and original argument.

How To Make Synthesis In Research

When you are asked to write a synthesis paper, the first thing you should do is make sure you understand the prompt. Once you have a clear understanding of what is being asked of you, the next step is to start researching your topic. It is important to use multiple sources when researching for a synthesis paper so that you can get a well-rounded view of the issue. Once you have gathered all of your information, the next step is to start writing.

Explanatory Synthesis Essay Example

A synthesis essay brings together your own ideas with the ideas of other writers. The main goal of a synthesis essay is to make insightful connections, show the relationships between your sources, and combine them into a coherent whole.

Synthesis Paper Maker

Synthesis Paper Maker

A synthesis paper is a type of essay that asks you to draw information from a variety of sources and combine them into one. This can be tricky, but with a little practice, you’ll be able to do it like a pro! Follow these five steps to complete your assignment successfully: 

1) Review the course materials (syllabus) before beginning your research so you know what topics are required for the paper. 

2) Look at all of the texts assigned for the course as well as any recommended readings. 

3) Make sure to read each text thoroughly and take detailed notes in order to get an understanding of how each text was written, who wrote it, and why they wrote it.

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Synthesis Example

Synthesis Example

A synthesis is a written discussion that draws on one or more sources. It follows that your ability to write syntheses depends on your ability to infer relationships among sources – essays, articles, fiction, and also nonwritten sources, such as lectures, interviews, observations. This process is nothing new for you, since you infer relationships all the time – say, between something you’ve read in the newspaper and something you’ve seen for yourself, or between what some commentator on TV says and what she omits.

Sample Synthesis Paper APA Style

A synthesis paper brings together your own ideas with the ideas of other writers. The main goal of a synthesis paper is to create an argument, or to show that you can reasonably link together different sources to support your thesis.

When writing a synthesis paper, you’ll want to start by finding sources that support your argument. Once you have found these sources, you’ll need to read and take notes on them.

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Synthesis Paper Sample Pdf

Synthesis Paper Sample Pdf

A synthesis paper is a type of writing that combines information from multiple sources. The most common type of synthesis paper is one that uses two or more sources to support a single claim. In order to write a synthesis paper, you’ll need to gather information from multiple sources and then present it in a cohesive, logical way.


  1. What is a synthesis paper?

    A synthesis paper is a type of academic writing that requires you to combine information from multiple sources and present it in a coherent way. This can be done by synthesizing, or integrating, the ideas and points of view of the sources. In order to write a synthesis paper, you must first understand what it is and what it isn’t.

  2. What are the steps for writing a synthesis paper?

    There are a few steps you should take when writing a synthesis paper: 
    1. Choose a topic that you are interested in and want to learn more about. 
    2. Do some research on your topic and find a variety of sources that cover different aspects of it. 
    3. Read through your sources and take notes on what you think is important or relevant to your paper. 
    4. Start putting together your paper, using your notes as a guide.

  3. What are the benefits of writing a synthesis paper?

    The benefits of writing a synthesis paper are many. 
    First, it helps to focus your ideas and research. 
    Second, it allows you to see the connections between different sources and how they support your thesis. 
    Third, it makes the writing process easier because you have a clear structure to follow. 
    Fourth, it ensures that your paper is well-organized and flows smoothly. 
    Finally, it strengthens your argument by providing evidence from multiple sources.